The passage of time and our lifestyles leave their mark on our skin, in the form of spots, sagging and wrinkles. All these problems must be addressed together to restore the lush appearance of our skin.

Areas for a rejuvenating treatment

Really, any part of the body can benefit from a rejuvenating treatment.

However, those areas chronically exposed to the sun, which are also the areas that are seen the most, are the ones that most suffer from the passage of time and therefore the ones that most benefit from specific rejuvenating treatments.

Botox, the most demanded rejuvenating treatment

Undoubtedly, the most demanded treatment is the injection of botulinum toxin, which is the active ingredient of the drug known as Botox.

Sometimes, and depending on the needs of the patient, the Botox treatment is combined with the infiltration of filler materials, especially hyaluronic acid.

How Botox works to rejuvenate the skin

The botulinum toxin infiltrated into the muscle manages to modulate its ability to contract, so that we correct those unaesthetic gestures that induce the formation of wrinkles.

One of the benefits of botulinum toxin is that it leaves skin smoother without the need to alter facial expression, maintaining the natural appearance of the skin.

Botox for men and women

There are no contraindications to treatment with botulinum toxin except for those patients with nerve conduction problems, such as myasthenia gravis, or pregnant or lactating patients, due to a lack of studies evaluating its safety.

Although the majority of patients who come to Quirónsalud for Botox treatment are women, there are more and more men who want to give their face a more relaxed appearance through treatment with botulinum toxin.

Botox treatment areas

The areas that classically respond best to treatment with botulinum toxin are vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, crow’s feet and horizontal lines on the forehead.

However, with very low doses, expression wrinkles can be corrected in barcode, chin or gummy smile, among others. In addition, botulinum toxin is the treatment that best corrects platysmal bands, which are lines that are tightened vertically, like ropes, on the anterior face of the neck.

Results of a rejuvenating Botox treatment

The objective of the botulinum toxin treatment is the relaxation of specific muscles, which have been strengthened over time by our gestures, to achieve a rested appearance.

This effect is observed above all in the gaze, through the discreet elevation of the eyebrow, giving a more open gaze.This link will open in a new window wrinkles in this area.

Other effects highly valued by our patients are the decrease in the caliber of the pores, decrease in sweating and the improvement of redness, due to the action on the muscles that surround the glands and blood vessels.

Botox effect duration

The effects of botulinum toxin usually begin about four days after infiltration.

The maximum effect is seen after two weeks, when we usually review our patients to adjust the treatment in those cases that require it.

The average duration of botulinum toxin is six months, although it can vary between four and eight months. Two sessions a year are usually required, depending on each case and the result sought by the patient.


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