Intravenous vitamin C is a treatment that allows distribution to all the cells of the body and helps to produce more energy and destroy cancer cells. In addition, the body absorbs 100% of its properties, unlike oral intake, where only 5% of its benefits are retained”.
Vitamin C promotes the function of healthy mitochondria, helping the proper synthesis of ATP, an energy molecule.
It stimulates the immune system.
Improves wound healing and reduces symptoms caused by allergic reactions.
Actively participates in liver detoxification processes, facilitating the elimination of toxins.
It intervenes in the formation of collagen (main constituent of cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bone), as a cofactor and having Glycine, lysine and proline as amino acids.
Helps in the conversion of amino acids to neurotransmitters; so it exerts an antidepressant action.
It intervenes in the maintenance of the integrity of the gums, bones, teeth and blood vessels.
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