Laser hair removal is a method based on selective photothermolysis, which destroys the hair follicle, removing it without damaging the skin.
In Beauty, SPA and Aesthetic Centers, it is one of the most popular treatments requested by women and men who take care of their personal appearance. As technology advances, the number of laser brands around the world increases, making treatment easier and safer.
There are different methods:
To understand this almost permanent hair removal procedure, it is important to know the difference between Pulsed Light (IPL) and the diode laser.
Pulsed light (IPL) is a much slower treatment because it consists of several sessions to permanently remove hair, since it is of lower frequency, while the diode laser has a longer wave, being more effective and obtaining better results. .
Benefits of laser hair removal:
· Eliminates hair almost permanently
· Improves the texture and elasticity of the skin, as it activates collagen and elastin.
· Lightens stains in depilated areas.
Helps improve folliculitis (ingrown hairs).

In the beginning of this treatment, mistakes were made, due to the few devices and not very advanced technology, in addition to this, the few previous and post-treatment care that many patients take into account and the malpractice in many aesthetics or beauty centers. , have caused myths to be interwoven around laser hair removal over time, which generate doubts in those who plan to eliminate annoying hair with this new treatment.
With this post, we want to clarify myths and highlight the truths of laser hair removal, do not stop reading.
Laser hair removal myths
· Before waxing it is necessary to let the hair grow. Although it is true that you should attend the session without long hair, you should never wax but shave, to leave the hair shaft that will conduct the laser energy to the root of the hair.
· Laser hair removal is painful. The patient only feels a little discomfort from the heat of the laser light, to reduce it even more, the beauty centers combine with cold air systems. There are exceptions where there is a lot of sensitivity, so an anesthetic cream is applied to avoid discomfort.
· Laser hair removal removes 100% of the hair, in reality it only removes up to 90% of the hair, although it leaves a weaker and lighter hair that does not grow much.
· Laser hair removal is permanent, it can really last for many years, in some cases it grows back after 3 years, due to hormonal changes or because wax or tweezers are used to remove some hair.
· Laser hair removal can cause cancer. Because it is a procedure that has only been applied for 18 years, it is not enough time to carry out accurate studies, but so far there has not been a case of cancer associated with laser hair removal. However, sun protection is essential during treatment.
· Laser hair removal can be done in any aesthetic or beauty center. This is totally false, so we must be very careful to select the site, it must have an operating authorization granted by the competent health agency, ensuring that it has the required health and safety conditions.
· Anyone can perform laser hair removal. Just as it must be done in an authorized Beauty Center, it must also be done by professionals in the health area, for example: dermatologists or professionals trained to handle the laser machine and to evaluate the skin and its needs correctly.
· Laser hair removal is equally effective on all parts of the body. Hair removal is most effective where the follicle is closest to the first layer of skin, this does not happen in all areas. It is more effective on the underarms and bikini line than on the face and thighs, where it requires more sessions.
· Laser hair removal can be applied to pregnant or lactating women. Although in some Centers they allow it, it is not ideal, because they run the risk of affecting the effectiveness and can cause spots on the skin.
· Laser hair removal exposes the recipient to radiation. It is false because the procedure does not emit any type of radiation, so it is not harmful.
· Laser hair removal is a very expensive treatment. The investment to carry out the procedure may seem high, but when analyzing it is more profitable, considering the extension of the area to be depilated, the total sum of expenses generated by all traditional depilations and the time savings.

Truths of laser hair removal
· It is more complicated to remove light hair than dark hair, because the target of the laser is melanin and light or blonde hair has less. It is necessary to adapt the parameters of the light beam to the type of hair (black, brown, blond, etc.) and to the type of skin (phototype) mainly so as not to obtain the opposite effect, stimulating more hair growth.
· In summer it is not advisable to perform laser hair removal, as it is contraindicated for tanned skin.
· The laser can cause skin burns if it reacts sensitively to medication or medical tests.
· Pulsed light is not the same as laser hair removal, because it is a polychromatic light that moves to look for melanin and thus eliminate hair, eliminating different types of hair along the way. While the laser is a monochromatic light that absorbs melanin in a single direction, penetrating the 3 layers of the skin, definitively eliminating hair.
· It should be done once a month or every 3 months.
· With laser all areas of the body can be depilated.
Once we clear doubts, it is essential to take the appropriate precautions and seek advice to obtain optimal results.
How to get better results?
· Attend the session with shaved areas at least 12 hours before.
· Exfoliate the skin one day before the session.
· Hydrate daily every night with a moisturizing cream, at least 7 days before.
· Avoid sun exposure 3 days before and 3 days after.
· Do not use self-tanners.
· Avoid hair removal with wax, tweezers, electric epilators, weeks before the session.
· Notify the professional team if you are on medication or if you took any medication before the session.
Considerations for the selection of the Beauty or Aesthetic Center
· Have the presence of a Dermatologist as supervisor. In many centers they are also owners.
· Have the best technology in hair removal and be at the forefront of the safest platforms.
· The facilities are adequately maintained with hygienic conditions.
Good reputation in the health and beauty sector.

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