Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up and snuggle up at home. But it’s also the season when our skin is most likely to become dry, flaky, and itchy.

Don’t wait until you experience these skin problems. Instead, a few changes to your skincare routine can help you have smooth, radiant, and healthy skin this winter.

Here are our top skin tips to help it thrive during the colder months:

1. Moisturize regularly

During the winter months, we love to keep warm with hot showers and indoor heating, which tends to draw moisture away from the skin, making it dry, itchy, and prone to cracking. Constant hydration is a great way to combat these skin problems. The right moisturizer keeps skin soft and healthy-looking all winter long.

Applying a thick or creamy moisturizer after you shower can help your skin look nice and smooth. This concentrated cream relieves inflammation, irritation and discomfort associated with very dry skin.

2. Stay hydrated

One of the easiest ways to help your skin survive winter is to stay hydrated – drink plenty of water. You can also consider including healthy foods that contain essential fatty acids like walnuts and canola oil.

In addition to staying hydrated from the inside out, you can also get help boosting hydration through the Clínica Luméniz Moisturizing Skin Pack. This skin treatment replenishes the hydration levels that keep your skin hydrated and balanced.

3. Gently exfoliate

If your skin is prone to developing rough patches on your face, especially during the winter, you may need help removing those dead skin cells. All skin requires conditioning treatments to promote optimal cell renewal. At Clínica Luméniz, we offer a 5-step microdermabrasion skin treatment that gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, stimulating blood flow and leaving skin fresh and radiant. It’s one of our most popular skin treatments and is the perfect skin booster.

4. Visit a trustworthy skin clinic

If the dryness of your skin is persistent, it is always best to seek the advice of an expert. You may need a specific skin treatment plan tailored to your concerns.

Our highly trained team of experienced therapists can help identify your concerns and provide professional skin treatments customized for you. Clínica Luméniz is one of the best aesthetic clinics in Peru and we use the best industry leading medical grade technology to obtain the best results for our clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Winter doesn’t have to be monotonous! Book your skin consultation online today.

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