The Fotona laser is for vaginal rejuvenation without surgery (Intimalase). Also for mild cases of urinary incontinence (incontilase) and also for genital atrophy, which is the thinning of the urogenital mucosa.

The use of the Fotona ® Laser in the genital area is part of a list of photothermal procedures designed to improve vaginal elasticity and tension, providing a better intimate or sexual experience.

The highly concentrated light of the Fotona® Laser promotes the regeneration and creation of new collagen, tightening and contracting the vagina. Also in some cases it can reduce mild urinary incontinence.

Advantages :

  • It is non-surgical, minimally invasive, without incisions, without anesthesia and outpatient
  • It’s fast, easy and safe
  • With a high degree of satisfaction and success

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