¡No more dark underarms!

Dark underarms are a more common problem than it seems. For this reason, we bring you the latest, our Clear Tone treatment that will allow you to lighten your armpits with a laser, providing a solution to excess skin pigmentation and reducing the dark tone of the area to be treated.

It is not the only area of ​​the body where this dark color can appear. Hyperpigmentation of the skin is also common in the bikini area, so we will tell you what it is due to, what advice can be followed to whiten it and why laser treatment is effective.

Is laser underarm lightening effective?

Our laser will allow you to achieve the desired results without suffering the effects caused by other methods, such as irritations, wounds or burns. In addition, the laser cares for the skin, allowing it to recover its natural color and properties such as elasticity and firmness.

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