VELASHAPE II is a very deep, easy, non-invasive, no downtime and very comfortable therapeutic treatment that completely reshapes your body. It is the new generation of comprehensive treatments to treat the body.

This system models and reduces the contour between 6 and 10 sessions maximum per treatment, with the results being between 2 and 3 cm of loss after 5 sessions. The results are always exceptional without discomfort and downtime.

The secret of this device is that it combines 4 technologies in a single device:


Vacuum therapy
roller massage
This treatment is ideal for reducing the body contour of those areas where fat is usually located, such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. With the VELASHAPE II treatment you can also:

Eliminate localized fat from legs, waist and arms
Model the body contour and firm the skin
Reduce body circumference
Reduce cellulite and the appearance of fatty tissue

How fast will I notice the changes?

The improvement of the area to be treated is gradually noticed inside as the treatment progresses. The skin becomes firmer, softer and smoother. The results in the reduction of the circumference are seen from the first session and the improvements in the skin with cellulite begin to be noticed from the fourth session.


How many centimeters can I reduce from my contour?

In clinical studies, patients experience a 2cm reduction after treatment. However, in clinical trials, the average contour reduction varies between 1 and 7cm.

Is it a safe treatment?

The treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and colors. There are no reported short and/or long term side effects.



The sensation of pain varies in each patient.

Everything will depend on the type of cellulite and flaccidity, being more of a nuisance than a pain. It will be normal to experience a sensation of heat and to perceive the skin red up to an hour after the treatment.


Are the results permanent?

After the complete treatment, it is recommended to periodically visit the professional for follow-up and control. Like all surgical or non-surgical techniques, the results will last longer if you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.




Fat cells before treatment. During the treatment, the vacuum system brings the skin closer to the infrared laser to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.


Infrared light heats the surface of the skin, while radiofrequency heats deeper tissue


After Velashape II, the size of fat cells is substantially reduced



Velashape II is the quintessential treatment for all celebrities.

Well girls now you have no excuse to show off a body 10

A huge kiss and until next time


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